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Fond du Lac County Zones 3 and 4 closed at 6 am this morning. Zones 1,2 and 5 are scheduled to close at 6 pm Tuesday March 12th.

Sno-Odders Minutes for March 7, 2019
Meeting was called to order at 7:19 p.m. with 15 members present.

January minutes were read and approved (No meeting in Feb.)  Kyle/Dennis

 Treasurer’s Report:  
Treasurer’s report was read and approved.  Mindy/Janice 

FDL County News:
Next meeting will be March 12th at 7:30 pm at Holyland Clubhouse.

Convention is March 22-24 in Green Bay at the Radisson Hotel.  If you would like to attend, please contact Pat and he will get you the information.

KAOS Silent Auction - Evan is the FLD County youth rep and as a club we had passed a motion to donate $100 for a silent auction item. 

Old Business
Map Board – where is the map board and what is the status?  - No one was here to report.

Trail Report
A huge thank you to all who have had a hand in trail maintenance the past couple of weeks. 
Thanks also to everyone who has been volunteering for repairing the groomer and grooming.  Let’s remember that all people who mark trails, brush trails, and groom the trails do not get paid!  They are volunteers who are doing this on their own time so that all can ride!

Remember to document EVERYTHING related to trails so that it can bet it entered in SNARS!

Grooming Committee Report
A lot of time has been spent maintaining and repairing the groomer as it needs it.  This is our first year using it a lot and we are experiencing some growing pains.  As it breaks down, volunteers are working to get it back up and running so that the trails can get groomed. 

New Business
Guest Speaker – Stephen Timmers from Liberty Mutual Insurance – The AWSC has partnered with Liberty Mutual to see if they can save any of their member’s money on Home, Auto, Life and Snowmobile insurance.  He gave a little presentation and passed out his card if anyone was interested in obtaining a quote.

Tractor use and reimbursement – Dennis has been using his tractor to help when the groomer has been broken down and he is also been paying for his own fuel.  He will be turning in his receipts for fuel so that he can get reimbursed.  Thanks Denny for the use of the tractor and for helping out! 

Drag Purchase – Dennis bought a drag and has been using that to groom when he goes out.  He would like to know if the club would like to purchase it?  That way if we can get the groomer and the tractor running at the same time it will take a lot less time to get the trails groomed.  Motion was made to purchase the drag from Dennis for $2,000.  Rich/Kyle

Landowner Issues – we had an issue with a landowner that did not respond in time to get their yearly membership paid by the club and when they went to purchase their trails passes they had to pay more since they were not members of the AWSC.  Motion was made to pay $40 to the landowner  with 1 person opposed.  Greg/John 

April Meeting – Motion was made to have the April meeting at Millers on Thurs, April 4th @ 7p.m.  Dennis/Rich    **Please plan on attending as elections will be held!

Thank you to Plaza Bowl for hosting the March meeting!


Comments/Questions/Adjournment:  Meeting was adjourned at 8:50 Nicole/Mindy

Respectfully Submitted by Mindy Gellings

Brandon Brat Fry March 29 & 30, 2019

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Contact Information

President – Pat Conlon

Vice President – Kyle Gellings

Treasurer – Nicole Desten

Secretary – Mindy Gelling

Trail Boss:Dennis Hielke

One year director, Randy Brown

Two year director, Greg Peterson

Two year director, John Perr

Membership Chair, Tami Conlon


Questions can be directed to Pat or Tami Conlon 920-748-2946.

Dues will also be collected.
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